The Importance of Email Quality in a Broker Dealer & RIA Database

One of the most valuable features AdvizorPro offers its clients is high-quality investment advisor email addresses. Having accurate email addresses is crucial to ensuring you reach your full audience and do not get your emails marked as spam and black listed. Email quality varies significantly across advisor data providers, which makes it important to understand why it matters. Some providers claim to have very high coverage, only to disappoint their new clients when they realize many emails are stale, invalid, or guessed. You want to be confident the intended recipient is receiving the email, otherwise, you risk damaging your brand, reputation, and efficacy.

You also risk your company’s email account to be blacklisted — clients have shared horror stories after using faulty data from a competitor. When considering a financial advisor database, it is crucial to consider email quality. At AdvizorPro, we believe in a balance between quality and quantity and leverage technology to provide the best of both worlds. Here is some insight into why this matters and what to look for:

Why is it necessary to have high-quality email addresses?

If you send an email to an invalid or inactive account, the email will be flagged and may bounce. A high bounce rate negatively affects your account’s sender score, which is used by email service providers to protect inboxes from spam. A good benchmark for bounce rate is around 2%, whereas a bounce rate of 8% or more is cause for alarm. AdvizorPro’s bounce rate is about 1%, where we have seen competitors at a 10% bounce rate or more. If an email service provider notices a high bounce rate, multiple incorrect emails (likely guessed), or a pattern of low engagement, they will flag your domain. Being labeled as spam can harm your brand and cost you your ability to market to prospects effectively using email.

Faulty contact information can also be embarrassing. Sending an email to the wrong person or personalizing an email with incorrect information about the recipient may come off as unprofessional and leave a lasting sour impression.

What do many providers do wrong?

Guessing Emails

A common mistake in advisor databases is guessing an email based on an assumed pattern (such as Many organizations — especially larger ones — often use several different email formats. Additionally, nicknames or individuals that use their middle name are common in emails and also make this technique unreliable. Advisor databases often use this technique so they can claim a high email coverage rate for advisors in their database.

Stale Data

Competitor advisor databases often manually collect email addresses and other contact data. While this is a generally safe process, it is not scalable to keep data quality high. Because of the sheer number of financial advisors, these providers often have stale data from advisors who leave or switch firms. The problem of stale data extends beyond manual email collection, as several vendors do not verify contact data regularly.

What should I avoid?

All emails are not all created equal. There are two types of emails to avoid: stale/invalid emails and catch-all domains. A stale/invalid email is a once-active email that is no longer live. These are common spam traps, and some organizations create a blacklist of companies that continually email these traps. Catch-all domains collect all emails sent to a domain name when the server does not recognize the email address. These emails do not bounce but are also not valid email addresses and will not reach the recipient. While seemingly innocuous, they also affect your email reputation score and deliverability.

Where can I find high-quality contact info?

When searching for an advisor database, ensure your vendor prioritizes data hygiene and providing quality contact information. Ask about methodology, frequency of refresh, and bounce rate.

AdvizorPro uniquely uses technology and algorithms to power our advisor contact database, enabling us to collect contact data faster and validate it more often. AdvizorPro collects advisor contact data immediately when there are new advisors or advisors changes firms. Additionally, we revalidate every advisor’s contact data every six months, regardless of any employment changes. All emails pass a proprietary series of checks and third-party email validators, so you do not have to worry about your emails bouncing — our bounce rate is 1%. Reach out to the AdvizorPro team to learn how our advisor database can empower your advisor outreach.