High Quality Investment Advisor Database

A Broker-Dealer & RIA database built to power your sales, marketing and recruiting with fresh & deep data

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Power Your Advisor Outreach with the leading RIA & Broker-Dealer Database

Target the Right Advisors

Create Broker-Dealer & RIA lists of prospects with rich data from the SEC, FINRA & 10 million+ advisor webpages

Enrich Your CRM

Power your CRM with fresh advisor contact & bio data refreshed daily

Reach A Bigger Audience

Leveraging accurate phone, email, Linkedin profiles to maximize your advisor connections

Understand Advisors Better

Access proprietary advisor intelligence including hobbies, alma mater, TAMP platform, investment interests & more

Learn how you can create powerful broker-dealer & RIA lists

Our Business Is Growing Yours

Successful sales, marketing and recruiting of investment advisors requires connecting with the right audience. AdvizorPro helps you navigate the broad investment advisor & registered rep ecosystem to create targeted Broker-Dealer & RIA lead lists to connect with your target market, allowing you to focus on what you do best - building relationships. Our cutting-edge tech collects and validates data from across the web to give you an edge with accurate advisor intelligence and contact data.


Reach more, relevant advisors to fuel your growth. Build B/D & RIA lists using dozens of filters to pinpoint the right advisors - title, TAMP , designation, custodian, investment interests & more. 


All B/D & RIA databases are not created equal. Every data provider collects and validates data differently - impacting quality and effectiveness. Our clients tell us the accuracy of our data is a game changer. 


Spend less time getting data & more time using it. Filter advisors in seconds & even free text search ADVs and advisor websites for keywords - e.g. "tactical asset allocation".

As a company that depends on consistently forging new relationships with advisors, AdvizorPro’s data has been a game changer for our sales development team to increase their pipeline. It has pretty much eliminated dead ends when it comes to finding advisor contact information.


Power your sales, marketing & recruiting with quality advisor leads

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Identify your target market

Filter RIAs & Broker-Dealers to your target market — search using geography, title, company, custodian, designations, expertise and university. Even bulk upload a list of CRDs, search ADV keywords and indexed website keywords.


Create B-D & RIA lists, view profiles

Access accurate intelligence on advisors to qualify leads. Firm and person profiles help you research advisors and include fresh contact data (title, designations, LinkedIn link, email, phone, and website bio) and proprietary personal/professional interest tagging sourced across the internet.

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Export results to Excel or integrate with Salesforce

Whether for a marketing campaign or sales outreach, one-click exports allow you to obtain high-quality financial advisor lead lists for import to your CRM system. Alternatively, leverage our Salesforce integration for seamless data updates.

Leverage fresh advisor contact data

Tired of stale contact data and complicated subscriptions? We were too, so we built a new source for financial advisor data, and are doing things differently. We're a team of data and industry experts shaking up the status quo and pushing the boundaries of tech to provide the most accurate and robust picture of financial advisors. Our platform allows our clients to harness data from numerous sources including the SEC, FINRA, 13F and millions of advisor webpages. Our algorithms crawl the web and validate contact data 24/7 doing a job no team of humans could do - it's what sets us apart. Fill your pipeline with Broker-Dealer and RIA lists you can trust.

Titles & Designations

Understand an advisor's accreditation, expertise & role within their firm

Email Addresses

Our industry leading advisor emails database has a low bounce rate. Poor alternative database email quality can get you blacklisted

Direct Phone Numbers

Bypass the gatekeeper - call advisors with our database of advisor direct phone numbers - we even note landline vs cell!

LinkedIn Profiles & Bios

Research an advisor's background on LinkedIn and their company bio page


RIA Firms

Broker-Dealer Firms

AdvizorPro provides us with one of the highest degrees of utility for the associated cost

Dave Isaacson, Morgan Dempsey Capital

The all-in-one platform to engage advisors


Navigate with ease — our platform is optimized for simplicity and clarity

Targeted Search

Target your outreach using dozens of filters — geographical, company, and more

13F ETF Holdings

Search for advisors holding a competitor or complimentary ETF


Daily collection of SEC/FINRA data ensures you have the latest advisor updates at your fingertips


Track when an advisor switches firms with activity notifications directly to your inbox and dashboard

Excel Export

CRM-friendly Excel export allows target lists with detailed info and contact data to easily be exported

Bulk Upload

Upload advisor or company CRD lists to avoid time-consuming data entry

Advisor Teams

View advisor teams by office location to quickly understand relationships

Dedicated Support

We’re here to help! Conveniently book a time with our support team for immediate assistance.

ADV Keyword Search

Easily identify advisors based on keywords in their ADV and ADV Part II

Salesforce Integration

Directly integrate our database with your Salesforce instance to ensure your team has the freshest data

Low Email Bounce Rate

Low email bounce rate because we're constantly refreshing our data and validating emails

Find Your Next Advisor Prospect

The most comprehensive solution to identify and engage financial advisors, built to integrate into your workflow.

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